Just weeks after giving Notre Dame the cold shoulder, offensive guard Greg Crippen has committed to the University of Michigan. Crippen is a four star guard that ranks in the top 15 in the position for 2021.

As if the smack down on October 26, 2019 was not enough. Below was the release right from the source himself.

Sure, word on the street was Crippen was going to renounce his commitment to Notre Dame for a while, but going to University of Michigan is just insult to injury.

More Than Just Cold Weather

The Florida native appears to have made his decision, again. But cold weather is not to blame for his choice to flip over to the dark side.

The Wolverines will inherit an offensive linemen that analysts say will be a multi-year Power 5 starter.

The Irish have lost a few commitments over the past few weeks and hopefully it is a trend that reverses soon.

Based on the outlook, I believe that we will see these recruits be replaced by comparable talent, but the talent pool seems to be shrinking every day as more premier recruits announcing their decisions.