Carlos Rodón Trolls Cubs, Gets Shit On, Deletes Tweet


White Sox pitcher Carlos Rodón can’t beat the Cubs and especially not on Twitter, as the lefty was lit up after posting a meme trolling the Cubs.

And you know what, it was fine because as much as I roll my eyes over fans going crazy over Cubs vs. Sox shit, it’s all just fun and games. We’re trying to get off as many jokes as possible and Rodón out of nowhere posted this last night as people are swarming stores and taking all the toilet paper.

But just like he has in two of his three career starts against the Cubs, Rodón ended up taking the L because he was immediately shit on. The Cubs replied with a video of Kyle Schwarber taking him deep during his last start against them in 2018.

And just like that Rodón deleted the tweet.

Once again, he couldn’t beat the Cubs.