Cam Newton Released, Bears Picked As Potential Landing Spot


The Carolina Panthers made it official and released quarterback Cam Newton.

The Panthers choosing to go this route shouldn’t come as a surprise. This scenario has been hinted at for a few weeks now. It was only a matter of time before Carolina came to this ultimatum with Cam.

Cam is.. healthy?

A lot of speculation has been focused on Cam’s health and thus making it difficult for the former MVP to land a job. But according to a report from Adam Schefter, Newton is ready to go.

Do the Bears dare make a move?

Does this change things for the Bears now that Cam’s health isn’t such a mystery? Pro Football Focus sure seems to think so as they picked the Chicago Bears as a potential landing spot for Cam Newton.

“Chicago also owns minimal cap space right now, so there would most certainly have to be a lot of restructuring involved. However, the quarterback is the most valuable position on the field, and given that they have a Super Bowl-caliber team in place outside of the quarterback position, they should consider making such a move — because why would you put all your chips on one spot on the roulette table when you can disperse them and see what lands?”

PFF chose four other teams that might possibly make a run for Cam’s services that included the Patriots, Steelers, Chargers, and Bills. Obviously a move like this would be an aggressive one but Ryan Pace isn’t necessarily gun shy when it comes to making these type of splashes. Will Pace pull the trigger and make the Bears QB battle that more interesting?

We will find out soon..

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