Bulls Player Believes Boylen Will Be Coaching The Team Next Season


In a time where NBA news is sparse, a current Bulls player has provided us with some content. Tomas Satoransky recently interviewed with Ondrej Novotny of Fight Club News. Fight Club News is a Czech news outlet that focuses mainly on, you guessed it, combat sports. Satoransky is from the Czech Republic and interviewed with Ondrej in Czech.

Tomas covered a lot of topics, from the toughest player to guard in the NBA, his relationship with his teammates, Charles Barkley, and much more. But one topic that stood out most to Bulls fans is Jim Boylen. Tomas touched on his coach’s desire for perfection.

In Tomas’ opinion, he believes the team will bring Boylen back next season. This isn’t something that Bulls fans want to hear. Most fans have had enough of his absurd late-game timeouts, questionable lineup decisions, and overall stubbornness as the head coach. However, Tomas’ thoughts on Boylen don’t seem to be too far off.

Boylen Has A Lot of Support

Earlier this month it was revealed that Michael Reinsdorf will be asking prospective GM candidates to keep an open mind when it comes to Jim Boylen.

Though it isn’t expected to be a dealbreaker if the new GM didn’t want to keep Boylen around it certainly doesn’t start things off on the right foot with a new GM. Right now, the remainder of the NBA season is up in the air and fans aren’t sure what to expect next. Once things get back to normal the Boylen dislike will ramp back up and fans will expect to get answers on the fate of our current head coach. Until then all we can do is wait and hope for more content around the league.

You can find the highlights (in English) from Satoransky’s interview here. If you happen to speak Czech and want to watch the interview you can find that here. Thank you, Tomas, for providing us with some content in this time of no sports.