The NFC North remains one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. Something the Chicago Bears have had to wrestle with for years. Last season was no exception as the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings both made the playoffs, knocking the Bears off the pedestal after just one season. One would think it’ll be another dog fight for them in 2020. However, all is not peachy for those teams. Particularly the Vikings.

Salary cap is becoming a significant issue in Minnesota. To a point where they may have no choice but to unload one or two bigger contracts to gain some flexibility. One name that is rapidly gaining traction on that front is star wide receiver Stefon Diggs. His displeasure with the team started last season and resulted in a lot of trade rumors near the deadline. It didn’t happen. Most felt the two sides had managed to work things out.

Apparently not. Word came out that Diggs removed all Vikings-related photos from his Instagram page. Combine this with the previous behind-the-scenes drama and the money concerns? It’s hard not to feel like the two sides are hurtling towards a divorce that will see the receiver traded elsewhere.

Chicago Bears would certainly love to see Diggs go

The Bears aren’t going to complain about this thought process. They’ve had to tangle with Diggs for years and the receiver has given them a lot of headaches. He’s topped 1,000 yards each of the past two seasons and topped 100 yards in two of the past three games against Chicago. He is a legitimate stud who still doesn’t get enough respect. Clearly the Vikings feel they can get along fine without him. They better hope so because guys like that aren’t easy to replace.

It will allow the Bears to focus more on stopping Adam Thielen in the passing game, putting more pressure on quarterback Kirk Cousins. One would think that with Gary Kubiak taking over as offensive coordinator, the team will lean heavily on running the football with Dalvin Cook. Something to keep in mind as the season gets closer.