Remember when that bizzare story about Tom Thibodeau’s office possibly being bugged by the Bulls management came out? Well, today Joakim Noah set the record straight (kind of) in an interview on the very popular podcast Pardon My Take. Big Cat started the interview off hot by asking this question:

For how long was Tom Thibodeau’s office bugged?

Noah chuckled but gave an intriguing answer:

“Oh shit, you went right away. You’re not fucking around. Look shit got real. Tibs is the best man. Tibs is a warrior… if there was a bug, whatever — it’s not what it’s about”

Joakim didn’t deny there was a bug

So I got two things from Jo’s response:

  1. Noah didn’t deny that there was a bug
  2. Noah loved Tibs

The one thing about Joakim, is he is very transparent. I mean we can go back to his iconic ‘Cleveland Sucks’ press conference to show how blunt he is. The big man is never afraid to say what is on his mind. So if Noah knew anything about a possible bug in Tibs office, he’d come out and just say it. On the other-hand, he also didn’t deny the rumors. Which either means he truly doesn’t know and/or he too is skeptical about the Bulls front office. In the end, we may never know the concrete answer to this story but I definitely wouldn’t put it past the Bulls to pull a stunt like this.

If you’d like to listen to the full interview, I will have the link down below: