The line up for this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest has already been announced and Zach LaVine’s name wasn’t on the list. The four contestants who are set to participate are the following:

• Pat Connaughton
• Aaron Gordon
• Dwight Howard
• Derrick Jones Jr.

Does the NBA have a trick up their sleeve?

As the title suggests, there are rumors floating around that the two time NBA Slam Dunk Champion may make a suprise entry into the contest. Why are these rumors gaining traction?

A lot of it has to due with some videos that started circulating earlier this morning. They seem to show LaVine practicing a dunk routine just days before All-Star Weekend.

Attempting a 360 dunk from the free throw line is just absurd unless your Zach LaVine of course. Here is the rest of the thread showcasing what might be in store if LaVine does indeed decide to shock the NBA on Saturday night.

Obviously, this could be pure speculation but who wouldn’t want to see LaVine suit up just one more time in the Dunk Contest?