Will the Chicago Bears draft a quarterback? It’s a question that is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Not until free agency arrives and people see what GM Ryan Pace does at the position on the veteran market. If it’s limited? Then the odds of that happening go up. Nobody believes the Bears are going to find a replacement for Mitch Trubisky in the draft this year. Not without a ton of luck. However, they could significantly improve their backup situation with the hope that they might find a starter for down the road. One name that’s been connected to them a few times is Jake Fromm.

The Georgia standout had a ton of success in college including a trip to the national championship game in 2017. Most praise him for his football intelligence, outstanding character, work ethic, and indomitable will. Truly an elite personality for his position. The problem lay with the physical side. General views on Fromm are that he’s pretty much average in terms of talent.

Former scouts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks discussed him on the Move The Sticks podcast. There Jeremiah unloaded a pro comparison that will certainly interest the Bears.

“I would say, and people will probably take this as a negative here but I actually think he’s like a souped-up version of a Chase Daniel, you know? Chase Daniel has been in the NFL for a long time. Chase Daniel started games and won games. He’s one of the better backups I would say. I think Jake Fromm is a better version of that. Meaning (if) he’s in the right, perfect situation he can be a functional starter.”

Bears would love the Jake Fromm personality

It’s important to remember that the Bears were highly interested in Gardner Minshew last offseason. So they clearly have been searching for potential developmental quarterbacks. One who could fill out the depth chart as quality, cheap backups with some possible upside. Hearing this comparison would almost instantly appeal to them. Their ideal situation would be just getting a better version of Daniel, whom they really like.

In two seasons backing up Trubisky, the veteran has completed 70% of his passes with six touchdowns and four interceptions. Good for a respectable 91.1 passer rating. Some feel if he was even a little bit more talented he might’ve actually supplanted Trubisky as the starter by now. So to say Fromm is basically that version coming out in this draft is timely. Whether the Bears act on that possibility depends on how good of an impression the QB makes on them in the coming months when they interview him.

Given what people have said, they’re almost certain to love his character and drive from the outset.