“Fire GarPax” Taking All-Star Weekend By Storm


We all know the Bulls are currently a laughing stock around the league and sports in general.

The scrutiny against the Bulls has ramped up as All-Star weekend is beginning in Chicago. It started with Charles Barkley sounding off about the current state of the team.

Since then an additional NBA legend has sounded off about the state of this team. However, this legend also happens to be an employee for the Chicago Bulls.

Scottie Pippen is currently employed by the team as a special advisor to Michael Reinsdorf. The increased public scrutiny of the team is a good thing for fans. As the sports media world arrives in Chicago it shines a spotlight on the team, which will certainly light a fire under the team’s ownership.

Keep Piling It On

As more media arrives you can expect more comments surrounding this team. In fact, on 670 The Score former NBA player Kendrick Perkins spoke out about Jim Boylen’s “high school” system.

Zach LaVine made an appearance on First Take this morning, a question about the Bulls front office was asked and the crowd erupted with boos and this chant.

As more media figures and former players continue to speak out about the current state of this team we could see a drastic change. The All-Star game being played in Chicago is supposed to be a weekend full of excitement and pride. However, with the way the weekend is beginning, I don’t believe the Reinsdorf’s will go through this weekend carefree. 

With Bulls fans no longer filling seats at the United Center and the fans that do show being escorted out, the tides could be turning sooner than we all expected. With the spotlight on the city of Chicago this weekend one thing is for sure, everyone will know what the city wants.

Speaking on behalf of all Bulls fans, it’s time to do something Jerry. The ball is in your court now, let’s see you do something.