Don’t Give Up On The Bulls Roster Just Yet


The 2019-2020 Bulls roster has some strong young talent, a lot of injuries, and easily the worst coach in the NBA. This formula should finally bring meaningful change to a franchise that’s been in desperate need of it.

Zach LaVine puts this team on his back every night and gives maximum effort despite the constant losing. He continues to fill up the stat sheet even though opposing teams know he’s the only healthy scoring option. Don’t forget that he’s only 24-years-old and most players don’t hit their peak until they’re 27.

Wendell Carter Jr. when healthy has been promising.

Lauri Markkanen is injured and his play has regressed, but that regression likely stems from the poor coaching of Jim Boylen.

Coby White is still a mystery considering we’ve seen flashes of brilliance followed by horribly inefficient play from the young rookie. However, his speed, athleticism, and willingness to take and make the big shot is promising.

Bulls fans are tired of waiting for change but if the multiple reports that an “overhaul,” is coming are true, then let’s just wait and see.

Pardon my eternal optimism here but it seems that Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf and his son Michael may have finally gotten the message. Despite the team recently being valued by Forbes at $3.2 Billion, 4th most in the NBA, the Bulls now rank 10th in average home attendance. That’s something the Reinsdorf’s are not used to.

If fans are finally forcing change by hitting ownership in their wallet then, theoretically, we should see a larger and more modern scouting department coming to the team along with a new legitimate NBA head coach.

There’s no way the Bulls would have a record of 19-36 if someone like Celtic’s head coach Brad Stevens was coaching this team. Obviously, Brad Stevens is not coming to the Bulls. However, it’s hard to believe the front office, whomever that may consist of next season will fail as miserably as they have in the past when it comes to hiring a new coach.

No one likes losing money, especially Billionaires, which makes me think the rumored changes will be significant enough to bring out the full potential of this roster.

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