Bulls Reportedly Kicking Fans With “Fire GarPax” Shirts Out of UC


Think John Paxson is feeling the heat yet? It’s hardly a secret to anybody that Chicago Bulls fans are beyond ready to see him and his right-hand man Gar Forman kicked to the curb after having to watch a laughable product on the court for the past several years. They continue to trot yes men like Jim Boylen out as their head coach while watching the development of promising players like Zach Lavine and Lauri Markkanen get wasted.

Now after a completely silent trade deadline, one in which Paxson offered more shallow excuses for the team’s dismal state, the shouting from fans for his head is louder than ever. Apparently to a point where the Bulls brass have enacted a new damage control policy. According to Bulls blogger and podcaster Doug Thonus of Chicagobullseye.com, security is removing any fans from the United Center spotted wearing “Fire GarPax” apparel of any kind.

If people weren’t sure whether or not Paxson was hearing the noise before, this absolutely confirms it. Such a move speaks of a man who is desperately trying to control his surroundings that are rapidly falling apart. Doing something like this isn’t going to make it all go away. If anything, it’ll just pour gasoline on the fire.

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