Charles Barkley Speaks On Current State Of The Bulls


The Chicago Bulls are a complete mess. Attendance is at an all-time low. Security has now resorted to kicking fans out of home games simply for wearing #FireGarPax jerseys. With all this chaos surrounding the Bulls, many are starting to speak out, with the most recent being Charles Barkley.

Charles appeared on ESPN 1000 yesterday where he addressed the current state of the Chicago Bulls:

“What the hell is going on? I’m so disappointed.”

This isn’t a new question for Bulls fans

We have been asking ourselves this same question for the past several years. It seems Charles is just now starting to realize how dark it has gotten in Chicago. Even with all that has gone wrong this season, change still isn’t promised. I know we are hearing multiple reports that changes are set to happen but I personally won’t believe it until the day it actually occurs.

This off-season will be pivotal if the Bulls are finally looking turn the page and start a new chapter for the franchise. If Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t see that remodeling is needed after this season, the city will likely riot. Jim Boylen cannot be here next season. Both Gar and Pax have to go or at the very least one needs to be sent home packing. The time for a over-haul is long overdue and hopefully the reports regarding reconstruction are indeed true.

Do the right thing, Jerry. Do the right thing.