The Bulls lost a close game to the Thunder last night 124-122. The Bulls losing is nothing new this season, with a record of 20-39, it’s been one disappointment after another. With Coby White performing as well as he has the last three games, fans across the NBA are taking a look at the Bulls. However, it’s all for the wrong reasons. 

For starters, everyone is trying to understand why head coach Jim Boylen won’t start Coby. He currently has Ryan Arcidiacono in the starting lineup who is averaging 4.3 points per game.

White has turned in three solid performances and Bulls fans everywhere are hoping that continues. If he is going to be our future starting point guard it would be nice to see him, you know, start a game. 

That wasn’t the only situation causing tension for the Bulls fanbase and management. A noticeably upset/annoyed Zach LaVine was spotted in yet another loss. This time he appeared to be yelling at coach Jim Boylen who must have been unhappy with him about something.

This isn’t the first time LaVine has been seen visibly frustrated with Boylen. It’s a common theme during blowout losses when Boylen calls timeouts late in games.

The tension is growing on the court as players are trying to understand what their head coach is doing. That same tension and confusion has grown within the Bulls fanbase. It’s clear on social media with the hashtag FireGarPax trending but it’s clear it is spilling over into the public. 

One instance occurred while Wendell Carter Jr. was giving an interview.

It’s hard to understand how management wouldn’t take this as a sign that Boylen needs to go. If a player is laughing when a fan yells to fire the head coach it’s clear the players don’t have much respect for the coach.

Say it to his face!

In case anyone was worried maybe Boylen wasn’t looking at social media or interviews one fan took it straight to the United Center to let him know.

Is it harsh? Yes. But at this point, I don’t blame anyone for reacting in that way. This season has been hard to watch and it has been ever harder to watch due to the mismanagement of this franchise. Hopefully, the Reinsdorf’s understand the full picture as attendance has started to drop and fans are getting more and more fed up.

There’s only one sure thing in this situation. The fans are angry, the city is angry, and something needs to change. As the season rolls on I’m sure the tension will only grow and it will be shown more often on the court. Hopefully, at that point, there will be very few Bulls fans left in the United Center, as it seems the only way to get their attention is to hit them where it hurts. The wallet.