Overwhelming Support For New OC Tom Rees


In life and in sports, management decisions are often questioned. The promotion of Tom Rees from Quarterbacks Coach to Offensive Coordinator is no exception. And while we all may have an opinion on the matter, myself included, it is worth noting that Rees is receiving overwhelming support from some big names in the Notre Dame and college football community.

From The Broadcast Booth

First on the list is Kirk Herbstriet – Herbstriet is one of the most widely respected voices in college football. He always tells it how it is, and for an Ohio State alumni, seems to keep his heart out of the broadcast booth as well as you will ever see.

To The Hog-Mollies

And The List Goes On

But Here We Are

As fans, questioning the decision from the outside looking in.

Meanwhile, those on the inside look at this as well-deserved and exciting time for the Fighting Irish.

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