Kris Bryant Trade Rumors Update #6,969: Dodgers And Twins Come On Down!


I hate that I have to start every Kris Bryant trade rumor post with some sort of disclaimer about how it’s a dumb idea and in a perfect world the Cubs would be trying to improve their roster this offseason, but it’s Jan. 9, and they still haven’t signed a single player to a fully guaranteed MLB contract. Who knows, we’re about a month away from spring training and maybe the Cubs don’t trade Bryant. However, if they do, get a huge fucking haul for him, right?

Not too much to ask for and apparently the Cubs are demanding a massive return in the trade talks they’ve had so far with teams in regards to a deal for Bryant. The latest set of trade rumors has primarily focused on the Dodgers, as The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal continues to push the connection this week.

Maybe the focus on the Dodgers looking to trade for Bryant hasn’t been big because they’ve been linked to Francisco Lindor and Mookie Betts, but Rosenthal first brought up LA as a potential suitor for Bryant early in the offseason. Now that the other trade rumors have died down about Lindor and Betts, Rosenthal reminded everyone a couple days ago that the Dodgers can still go out and pursue a Bryant trade.

This was Rosenthal on MLB Network Monday.

And on Thursday morning Rosenthal wrote the following in The Athletic, once again making a case how Bryant would be a great fit for the Dodgers.

Via The Athletic.

Bryant, with his ability to play third, first and both corner-outfield positions, seems ideal for the Dodgers, who relish such versatility. His right-handed bat also would fit the team’s predominantly left-handed lineup. The Cubs’ ask, though, would not be inconsequential. Nor would the finances, with Bryant projecting to make at least $40 million over the next two years.

The Dodgers are obviously reluctant to trade away Gavin Lux in order to acquire Betts or Lindor this offseason and you’d think that would be the same for Bryant. Yet, that doesn’t mean the Dodgers can’t come up with a realistic trade package that could entice the Cubs.

You begin with starting pitcher Dustin May and left-handed hitting center fielder Alex Verdugo plus a couple prospects and the Cubs could even throw in Jose Quintana into the trade, as the Dodgers are also seeking some pitching.

It’s Rosenthal, best in the business, so safe to say that there’s at least some interest from the Dodgers. He also brought up the Twins as a possible team that could enter the Bryant sweepstakes.

Donaldson, or even Bryant, would make sense, giving the Twins not just a short-term upgrade at third, but a buffer against the potential loss of Nelson Cruz, who turns 40 in July and is a free agent at the end of the season. Cruz is the team’s best power hitter, providing cover for younger sluggers such as Max Kepler. Miguel Sanó, who would move to first with the addition of a third baseman, strikes out too much to be the next Cruz.

Dan Hayes, who covers the Twins for The Athletic, wrote on Wednesday night that Minnesota is active on the trade market searching for an alternative to Josh Donaldson.

So, the Twins and Dodgers are the new flavor of the week when it comes to Kris Bryant trade rumors.