ESPN Writer Defends Mitchell Trubisky


There wasn’t a quarterback who was more criticized this past year than Mitch Trubisky. A lot of the jabs were warranted — some not so much. There are really only about two opinions when it comes to how the Bears should approach this off-season. Some believe the QB has to go while others say the roster around him just needs to be retooled. When it comes to ESPN’s senior NFL writer, Jeremy Fowler, he falls on the latter side:

“Give Mitch Trubisky one last shot — a real shot, with a much-improved supporting cast. Trubisky looked lost at times, but everything went wrong around him. How does an NFL offense in 2019 not have a tight end with more than 14 catches? The line fell apart, the Bears couldn’t run the ball and Allen Robinson was the only consistent threat beyond 5 yards. Even Matt Nagy’s genius sheen wore off with every inharmonious playcall.”

There is a lot to unpack with this quote but I think the one line that stood out to me in particular, happened to be in the very first sentence:

“Give Mitch Trubisky one last shot — a real shot..”

We don’t have to look that far back (2018 season) to see that success is very attainable with Trubisky at the helm. The kid just needs some help around him and it looks like Ryan Pace and company are going to attack the off-season with that mindset.