Chicago Bears Picked as Top Destination for This Free Agent QB


The Chicago Bears must be watching the NFL playoffs like everybody else. They saw the clinics put on in the divisional round by Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson. Does GM Ryan Pace honestly watch the likes of them and then look at Mitch Trubisky thinking he’ll ever be in that same category? If he does, then the man has truly lost his mind. The Bears have a quarterback problem and simply waiting for a 25-year old man with over 40 games of experience to suddenly take a massive step up is foolish.

They need to think about life after him. If that means pursuing a veteran of some kind in free agency? So be it. The question is who it will be. There are plenty of names floating around from Tom Brady to Philip Rivers, Case Keenum, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, and Andy Dalton. However, Clint Roling of Bleacher Report thinks the man to watch is Teddy Bridgewater. The New Orleans Saints backup was tremendous in his five starts for the injured Drew Brees this past season.

One of them was against the Bears. Roling believes the two sides make a ton of sense for each other.

“In all likelihood, it’s going to take a contending team to pry away Bridgewater from New Orleans, and the Chicago Bears are one of the few that make some sense…

…Wideouts Allen Robinson II and Anthony Miller make for a strong one-two combo as targets, and the complementary Khalil Mack-led defense sure isn’t a bad talking point.

Those Bears have likely soured on the Mitchell Trubisky experience after another middling year that seemed to hold things back. But they don’t have a high-profile pick to add a rookie yet have $20-plus million in cap space to lure in a veteran.

In the interests of contending now, this seems like a good marriage for both parties.”

Chicago Bears have to want Bridgewater

There is no question that Bridgewater might be what the Bears need. The quarterback has never been flashy, but his intelligence, accuracy, and ability to manage games are all quality traits. Not to mention his highly-regarded leadership ability. He embodies almost everything the Bears covet in a football player. The problem is just being a great fit is only part of the puzzle. Chicago has to want Bridgewater in order for this idea to get off the ground.

Thus far, nothing has indicated they have plans for such a move. Like it or not, signing the 28-year old would be expensive. Most likely somewhere between $20-25 million per year. Similar to what Nick Foles received this past offseason from the Jacksonville Jaguars. While the Bears can find a way to make the money work, it’s more about the message sent. If they signed Bridgewater to such a deal, it would be as the starting quarterback. That means the Trubisky era is over.

Nothing has indicated Pace is ready to abandon his pet project yet. Unless he can be convinced otherwise or is removed from his post, the Bears are stuck.