2-Year-Old Girl Struck By Foul Ball During Cubs-Astros Game Has Permanent Brain Damage


Sadly there’s another terrible update about the toddler who was struck by a foul ball during a Cubs-Astros game during the 2019 season. Back in June the family’s lawyer said the two-year-old girl suffered a skull fracture along with other brain trauma.

This week, attorney Richard Mithoff said the young girl has permanent brain damage.

Via the Houston Chronicle.

Attorney Richard Mithoff, who represents the child’s family, said the girl continues to receive anti-seizure medication more than seven months after she was struck by a line drive off the bat of Chicago Cubs player Albert Almora at Minute Maid Park.
“She (the child) has an injury to a part of the brain, and it is permanent,” Mithoff said. “She remains subject to seizures and is on medication and will be, perhaps, for the rest of her life. That may or may not be resolved.”

The brain damage has affected the child’s central nervous system the same way a stroke would.

Doctors and the child’s parents say other results of the injury include staring spells, periods of unresponsiveness, night terrors and frequent headaches.
Mithoff said doctors have been unable to determine if the child, who turned 2 years old in May, has cognitive deficits as a result of the brain injury and skull fracture. She was struck in the back of the head while sitting in her grandfather’s lap along the third-base line in the ballpark’s lower bowl.

Beginning this season all 30 MLB ballparks will have extended netting, with seven teams installing the protective netting all the way to the foul poles.

The Cubs have still not announced their specific plans for their extended netting at Wrigley Field for the 2020 season.