White Sox Lose Out On Zack Wheeler Who Signs With Phillies


Oh boy. You know that good grace Rick Hahn built up by signing Yasmani Grandal and getting a deal done with Jose Abreu? Well, White Sox fans are pretty pissed off again as the team’s number one free agent pitching target Zack Wheeler has signed with the Phillies.

It’s a five-year contract for the 29-year-old righty.

Once again, the White Sox fall short in a bidding war and ended up not wanting to overpay for one of the top free agents available.

Cole Hamels, who had interest from several teams including the White Sox, also signed earlier on Wednesday with the Braves.

No official number has been reported yet, but Wheeler will be getting more than $100 million from the Phillies.

On to the next tier of free agent starting pitchers for the White Sox, who are not involved in a pursuit of either Gerrit Cole or Stephen Strasburg.


And it’s a five-year, $118 million deal for Wheeler.