This Hasn’t Happened In Chicago Sports Since 2004


It is safe to say that 2019 has been a rough one for Chicago sports. In fact, it has been brutal. This year marks the first time in 15 years that the five major Chicago sports teams have all failed to make the playoffs.

This sad feat has only occurred three other times in Chicago sports history: 1969, 1999, and 2004.

The good news we can take from this forgetful year, is that it can only get better in 2020. The White Sox have a young up and coming team. The Cubs have a roster that is still built to compete. The Bears will hopefully (fingers crossed) have a bounce back season. The Blackhawks are still kinda fun/intersting. The Bulls are.. well..

The Bulls are still a complete joke.

Again, 2020 is going to be different. It will be the year for redemption. I can just feel it.