Iowa State Football Team Reenacted Rudy Jersey Scene


Long before the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Iowa State Cyclones are set to go toe-to-toe in the Camping World Bowl, the Cyclones had a Rudy of their own and they even reenacted the famous Rudy jersey scene!

We already know Rudy is the best college football movie ever made. Heck, even Twitter agreed.

Rudy… Campbell

Head coach of the Cyclones, Matt Campbell, actually has a son named Rudy. Campbell, who turned 40 in November, has four children, pictured below – but only the name Rudy has any tie to the classic Notre Dame film.

Is he secretly a Notre Dame fan?

Matt Campbell Iowa State Football

Watch the video that the team put together.

All In Good Fun

Since this reenactment of the Rudy jersey took place years prior, it is not in the name of smack talk. Although I think the Irish could use some extra motivation for tomorrow’s show-down.

After a rocky start to the week, it appears the Irish have rebounded from a slow start to practices in Orlando, FL. Hopefully, Brian Kelly has his guys ready to go for Saturday.

The Underdog

Kelly and the Irish are tasked with an upset minded underdog. Campbell and his staff have coached a team that is better than the record indicates. But for now we can relish in the name of good fun.

The Rudy jersey scene was a classic and it is always good to know other programs respect our traditions.

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