Green Bay Weather to Greet Chicago Bears With No Mercy Sunday


The Chicago Bears don’t need reminding of what’s at stake on Sunday. It’s their season. If they fail to beat the Green Bay Packers, their hopes for making the playoffs are dead. Plain and simple. They have to win. That task alone is hard enough. They’re playing a team that already beat them once this year. They have home field advantage and Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. So naturally, mother nature has decided to make things a little more difficult.

The game will be played at noon. The first of its kind between the two teams at Lambeau Field in years. It seems to celebrate this occasion, the weather decided to throw an extra twist into the mix. Current projections are for it to be cold by game time. Very cold. Recent forecasts have the temperature at around 15 degrees by kickoff but the feeling being closer to one degree above zero thanks to 10 mph winds.

Suffice to say, the Bears will be feeling the hits a little bit more due to frigid conditions. The Packers are no doubt hoping this plays into their psyche just a little bit. Something head coach Matt Nagy knows he’ll have to wrestle. He has a hard enough time battling Mike Pettine’s defense. Combating the weather on top of it? Not ideal.

Chicago Bears have one thing at least: momentum

While the Bears know the odds aren’t in their favor, it doesn’t seem to be bothering them that much. This is probably because they have really begun to hit a nice stride in the past month, winning four of their last five gaves include three in 11 days. They’ve overcome so much and don’t want this run to end. They feel they have enough momentum to go into Green Bay and steal a win. The Packers, for their part, remain atop the division but not quite as hot.

They’ve gone 3-2 in the same span with their two losses being humiliating blowouts to the Chargers and 49ers. They just got done barely surviving the hopeless Washington Redskins 20-15 at home last week. So while their grip on the division remains unchallenged, they will need to play their best football on Sunday in order to avoid letting the Bears back into the playoff picture.