Cowboys Having Fights in Practice Ahead of Chicago Bears Game


The Dallas Cowboys are next on the agenda for the Chicago Bears. Never an easy assignment for this team. Dallas has always had talented rosters capable of winning a lot of games and this year is no exception. They have Pro Bowlers littering their offense and a couple of studs on defense as well. They’re capable of beating anybody when they’re focused and on their games. That is where the problem lay with this team in 2019.

Dallas is 6-6 this year and coming off two disheartening losses in a row. They were smothered in New England by the Patriots and then dismissed by the Buffalo Bills at home. Only by the grace of playing in a terrible division do they still have a grip on their NFC East lead. This has led to some serious tension behind the scenes. Owner Jerry Jones is not happy with the coaching staff and for the first time appears to be seriously considering the removal of head coach Jason Garrett.

After the Bills loss, Michael Bennett was heard in the locker room shouting at teammates about not fighting hard enough. By all accounts guys are angry. Really angry and this has spilled over into practices where it was reported fights and “chippiness” were breaking out.

“Yeah, angry. Angry we’re not where we expected ourselves to be,” Elliott said. “Just angry that things haven’t been going the way we want them to go. We’ve got to channel that the right way. Come in like we did today, go to work and trust the process, go out there and play better football.”

Elliott said that anger spilled on the practice field with some trash talking and chippy play.

Chicago Bears primed to capitalize on their dysfunction

There is no doubt the Bears will be getting a desperate team at Soldier Field on Thursday night. Also one that is clearly lacking consistency. For as talented as the Cowboys are, they haven’t operated at full capacity the entire season. Chicago hasn’t either but they have the benefit of being at home and have won three of their last four games. So they’re operating with a little more confidence lately.

It’s also projected to be around 30 degrees and windy. So the weather should play to their advantage as well. Of course, that’s providing they can stop Ezekiel Elliott and the ground attack, forcing Dak Prescott to throw. Nothing about this game will be easy. The Bears are likely going to get a team anxious to come out strong early in that game. History shows though that if they can put Dallas in an early hole, they’ll start to make mistakes.