Are The Chicago Bears On The Rise To Playoff Glory?


The NFL is still the biggest sporting draw in America, and one of the most illustrious teams around are the Chicago Bears. Lovers of sport in Chicago will, therefore, be keenly following this season’s campaign to find out how the team is doing. For those Bears fans in the US interested in NFL playoffs betting online, keeping tabs on their progress can also confirm if backing them to make a playoff run is worthwhile.

It is this question that is actually starting to be asked by followers of the side more and more in recent weeks: can the Bears make a late dash for playoff glory? While they had struggled earlier in the season against most teams, recent results and how the NFC North is now panning out has made this a real possibility.

Early-Season Form Had Left it Looking Unlikely

There is no doubt that until recently, most Bears fans had found the current season somewhat disappointing. Many had expected them to push on from last year under head coach Matt Nagy and really have a season to remember. This has not quite panned out as planned though with the team sitting third in the NFC North right now with a 6-6 record. A misfiring offense, a patched-up defense, and a QB in Mitch Trubisky who shows little consistency have all played their part in this.

But that was then, and this is now! While a 6-6 record and a third place in the standings might not seem like much cause for optimism, there are still green shoots of hope for that playoff run. Many actually believe that Nagy has done a decent job of getting the team to where they are with the issues that he has faced this year. Can the Bears now reap the benefits of this and progress in the latter stages of the NFL season?

Anything is Possible in Football

One thing that all NFL fans have to remember is that in football, anything can happen. This means that the Bears are still playing meaningful games as they go forward and could still rise to claim a playoff spot. There are two things that the side will need a lot of though: wins and luck!

In many ways, winning their future games is a slightly easier task as this is entirely in their own hands. If Nagy can get Trubisky playing to his peak for the rest of the season and make the offense more explosive, then they can begin to show what everyone expected from them before a ball was thrown.

Confidence will also be high in the locker room after two wins in their last two games against the Detroit Lions and the New York Giants. Teams have not been dominating the Bears this season or handing out large defeats – if the team from Chicago can just start to score more points, then they could really take off. The games they have left are not easy though, with the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings left to beat. The Bears will certainly have to up their game in all of these match-ups to get anything from them.

Luck be a Lady Tonight

The second thing that the Bears will need to rise to the playoff spots is a huge slice of luck. This is especially true if the team does not win all of their last four games. In this case, they will only rise to the playoffs if other results go their way. This could be a good thing for the Bears though, as even if they only win two of their last four, for example, they could still make it through. This is another reason to hope that the side could make a playoff bid and actually taste success.

Super Bowl Glory May Still Await

The amazing thing for football fans in Chicago is that the team still has a chance of making it to the playoffs and even the Super Bowl. Many may not feel that great about how the season has gone to date, but there is every chance that things could get much better, very soon. Of course, it relies on the side winning games and other results moving in their favor if needed, but this is not out of the question. Who knows, we could all be doing ‘The Super Bowl Shuffle’ like it is 1985 and Mike Ditka was back in action.