Yolmer Sanchez Wins Gold Glove For American League Second Basemen


Yolmer Sanchez is known for his fun clubhouse personality and dumping Gatorade on unsuspecting victims. Tonight, he got recognized for an honor that actually matters: winning the Gold Glove. Although his offensive numbers leave much to be desired, there is no doubt that he is an elite defensive 2nd baseman.

The ironic thing is that Yolmer will more than likely be non-tendered this offseason. The White Sox have Nick Madrigal coming up sometime in 2020, and it doesn’t make sense to pay Sanchez 6.2M to only play defense.

While Yolmer was a fun clubhouse guy who always hustled, it’s time to move on. Good for him for winning the Gold Glove though. He becomes the first White Sox 2nd baseman to win the award since Nellie Fox in 1960.