White Sox Fans Unite To Dunk On Phil Rogers Who Bitched About Yoan Moncada’s MVP Vote


White Sox third baseman Yoan Moncada was statistically rated as a top-10 player in the AL in 2019. Now, no one is saying he was an MVP candidate and his ONE 10th place vote isn’t really that big of a deal.

But for whatever reason Phil Rogers had to bitch about it.

When he’s not being an apologist for Addison Russell, MLB writer Phil Rogers spends his time sharing other awful opinions and this time it was so stupid that it united White Sox fans on social media.

White Sox beat writer James Fegan of The Athletic, gave Moncada the 10th place vote on his American League MVP ballot, which led to this.

And that led to this.

By the way, what an idiot to say it was a Hall of Fame ballot, when it was the MVP vote.

Want an actual vote to be mad about? How about Giants outfielder Kevin Pillar getting a 10th place MVP vote in the NL.