Watch the Refs Let Kenny Golladay Literally Spot Himself More Yards


The old Oakland Raiders always had something called the “Raider Rules” posted in the locker room. Rule #1 never changed. “Cheating is encouraged.” They always operated under the belief that if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. It seems Detroit Lions receiver Kenny Golladay would’ve fit right in with that group all those years ago. He pulled off one of the sneakiest thefts on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

After making a catch for two yards with less than 20 seconds in the game, Golladay ever so casually began drifting to his right as he ran back to the center of the field so that he was now two yards further than where the ball actually should’ve been spotted. The referees, true to form, completely missed his little ploy and put the ball exactly where he’d wanted it, giving the Lions a four-yard gain instead of just two.

In the end, it didn’t matter as the Bears still held on to win. However, just imagine what might’ve happened had that video come out after a Lions comeback victory. If NFL refs already didn’t get enough flak for their questionable calls this year, that would’ve been a pretty nasty black eye.

Kenny Golladay was a thief but a craft one

Honestly, it was a dirty tactic, but given how slick Golladay was with his execution. It’s kind of hard to be mad about it. He picked the perfect time and opportunity to give it a try and did it with such nonchalance that nobody picked up on it until after the game was over. That is how you know you got away with robbery.