Watch Bulls Players Completely Ignore Jim Boylen After Wild Win


It’s no secret that tensions are high within the Chicago Bulls organization. Much of it centers around head coach Jim Boylen. Despite continued votes of confidence from the front office and ownership, it appears the second-year coach is not garnering that same optimism from his players. Already he’s reportedly gotten into a heated dispute with star Zach Lavine over being pulled in a recent loss to the Miami Heat.

Lavine then decided to vent his frustrations in what turned out to be one of the craziest games in recent Bulls history. He would score 49 points including an unprecedented 13 three-pointers. The last one came with just a second left on the clock to stun the Charlotte Hornets 116-115. It was a wild comeback for a team that is still struggling to find their identity.

Yet that might not be the most interesting story coming out of this game. Cameras happened to catch Boylen on the floor shortly after the victory. He was seen trying to celebrate along with his players and several of them seeming to pay him no mind at all. A simple misunderstanding or a clear statement by an unsatisfied roster?

Yikes. Not the best look and certainly not a sign that everything is headed in the right direction. Boylen has not showcased the best chops as a coach thus far. In addition to the questionable usage of his players, his game management also hasn’t passed the eye test. Maybe he continues to improve on both fronts, but by the look of things, the guys who are with him every day aren’t holding their breath.