VIDEO: White Sox Pitcher Kelvin Herrera Starts Fight At A Cockfight


White Sox pitcher Kelvin Herrera started a fight with some old dude at a cockfight in the Dominican Republic. Now, that’s an offseason headline.

Herrera, who was awful in his first season on the South Side in 2019, is being accused of starting a fight at a cockfight in San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic Monday night. According to several reports, Herrera hit Ramón Antonio Padilla after Padilla suggested they bet on a cockfight and the pitcher objected.

Padilla, who filed a formal complaint against Herrera to the police, said he was also attacked by one of Herrera’s relatives after the melee began.

I say alleged, but here’s the video which clearly shows Herrera and Padilla talking and then Herrera launching a huge backhand to Padilla’s face.

Padilla explains his side of the story in the interview below. (in Spanish)

Padilla pretty much says that Herrera didn’t want to bet with him, which was fine, but then the pitcher called him a piece of shit. Padilla responded by saying what you’re calling me is what you are and that’s when Herrera hit Padilla, who had his arms crossed.

Padilla also alleges that a group of 20 armed men were waiting for him outside (he didn’t actually see them, but was supposedly told about it) and that Herrera must be the gang’s leader.

Here’s the full video of the incident caught on camera.

Herrera, 29, signed a two-year, $18 million contract with the White Sox last offseason.