This Mitch Trubisky Headline From The Onion is World-Class


Mitch Trubisky had a chance to turn his season around against the second-worst defense in the NFL. Instead, he delivered another ridiculously bad first half that saw him fail to even reach 100 yards. His ineffectiveness has gone beyond any doubts at this point. Everything from his mechanics to his confidence is gone. At what point do the Chicago Bears finally say enough is enough? It seems that time is coming soon because it’s clear as day that opposing defenses have no fear of the 25-year old.

Perhaps no journalistic entity is better at encapsulating such ineptitude than The Onion. They’ve become legendary for their biting headlines that take cracks at anything pop culture-related be it politics, movie stars, or sports. They certainly didn’t hold back on Trubisky. One must laugh at this point to avoid crying inside.

Mitch Trubisky won’t quiet the critics unless he plays better

Trubisky, at the time of writing this, threw his first TD pass in three games to end the first half against Detroit. It was his sixth TD pass all season. This should be a reminder of how ineffective he’s been to this point. Hopefully, he can finish strong and maybe build some momentum. One thing is for sure though. Don’t expect opposing defenses to suddenly start giving him respect anytime soon. He hasn’t done anything to earn it.

The Bears could go hunting for fresh blood in 2020 if he fails to turn the ship around. Plenty of names are out there. Names were way more credibility than he has.