Mitch Trubisky Delivers His Best Game With the Season at Stake


Mitch Trubisky still has a long way to go. There are problems that persisted into the game against the Detroit Lions that makes one rear back with headaches. That said, he also knew he came into this game with the Chicago Bears 2019 season on the line. Another loss almost certainly would’ve ended any remaining hopes of trying to make a run at the playoffs. The game itself wasn’t pretty and way too close for comfort. However, when the Bears absolutely had to have it, their quarterback delivered.

It was mostly another miserable first half for the entire Bears offense. Trubisky had his issues but wide receivers were dropping balls and Cody Whitehair, now back at center, had some issues with his shotgun snaps. With just five minutes left to go before the break, they trailed the Lions 6-0. Then Trubisky seemed to, almost out of nowhere, flip the switch.

He delivered a drive right before the end of the half that concluded with a pretty 18-yard strike to Ben Braunecker to get back the lead. Then at the start of the 3rd quarter, his hot streak continued with two more touchdown drives, all of them ending with nice passes from #10. After that he seemed to cool down again, finishing with just 173 yards but it proved enough to get the job done. Chicago prevailed 20-13.

Mitch Trubisky at least shows he can deliver when his team needs him

If there’s one thing about Trubisky that isn’t broken, it’s his ability to perform when the pressure is highest. He delivered the big drive that won the Bears their big win in Denver. He made a couple of nice plays to put them in position for a winning field goal against the Chargers as well. Unfortunately, Eddy Pineiro missed the kick. Now with the season pretty much on the line, he summoned just enough good play to get out of there with the win.

Is there still a lot of work to do? Without question. He needs to get better about taking unnecessary sacks. Something that almost killed them towards the end of the game. That said, this was exactly the sort of situation the Bears could’ve hoped for. They won the game and Trubisky was the biggest reason why. This should be a nice little boost to his confidence. The timing is certainly good because they face a tough task on the road next week in Los Angeles against the Rams.

A team that humiliated Trubisky the last time they saw him. One step at a time.