Eddie Jackson Angrily Defended Mitch Trubisky After Win


It would be easy for a lot of Chicago Bears players to be tired of Mitch Trubisky at this point. The quarterback is in his third year and still going through a lot of the struggles. He’s still indecisive at times. His mechanics are inconsistent and he just seems to make some of the routine throws for a quarterback look challenging. Yet he still can uncork some pretty impressive passes from time to time. It’s led to a lot of frustration from fans. Many want him gone. One person who is tired of their flip-flopping mentality is Eddie Jackson.

The star Bears safety has made his feelings clear on the fans. While he understands their frustration, he doesn’t feel booing the team solves any of the problems. This is especially the case with Trubisky. He’s a young quarterback playing the most difficult position in professional sports. Fans need to be more supportive. Jackson has made it clear to Adam Jahns of The Athletic he’s all-in on Mitch after the win on Sunday. With plenty of emotion behind it too.

“Oh, of course,” Jackson said, actually looking angry talking about it. “Hell, yeah. Most definitely. Especially me. I hate that.”

Jackson and Trubisky are close, too.

“I told him, ‘They’ll be cheering for you now,’” Jackson said. “You see all the talk and stuff. But the one thing he does, he blocks it out. He hears it, but he doesn’t sit up there and just buy into it and stuff like that.

“Us as players, that’s our brother. I came in with him. Our locker is right next to each other. I’m riding with him until the wheels fall off, no matter what. So when you hear people start talking and doing all that, then you see him play good and everybody’s back on the bandwagon, it’s just crazy.”

Eddie Jackson earns points for being a great teammate

The good news is Trubisky finally has something to smile about. He finished with three touchdown passes against Detroit on Sunday. By far his best performance in weeks and maybe the best of his entire season. Granted it was against a banged-up defense but every game is hard to win in the NFL. While none of the problems are fixed, this should be a nice little confidence boost for him. Jackson, for his part, was reported to have spoken to the QB personally after the loss in Philadelphia.

So it’s clear the safety isn’t just speaking hollow words.

He truly believes that Trubisky is the guy for this team and that he’ll find a way out of this extended slump he’s been in. Maybe this is the first step towards that goal. The coaches and management certainly hope so. They’ve all devoted a lot of time and resources into making him a success. If he can finish 2019 strong, it will provide hope that he might finally turn the corner in 2020.