Chicago Bears Finally See Sense With Latest Roster Move


The Chicago Bears had to know their season was basically over by this point at 3-5. So the smart thing for them to do was look ahead to 2020 and ask a simple question. How can we improve our chances of gathering more resources for next offseason? Adding a draft pick would certainly be nice. The best way for them to do that was to cut one of their compensatory free agents, which would maneuver the league formula for them to receive a pick next year for the loss of Adrian Amos. The odd man out in most peoples’ minds was Mike Davis.

The running back came in with hopes of forming a solid backfield with David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen. Sadly it didn’t turn out that way. After just a couple of weeks, it became apparent he wasn’t equal to the task, rushing for just 25 yards in the first eight games. With little reason to keep him, the Bears decided to part ways ahead of the Week 10 deadline that permitted them to receive a compensatory pick.

This means they will likely have eight picks total when the draft begins next April. A nice bit of news considering they won’t have a 1st rounder.

Chicago Bears will move forward with other options

It’s unfortunate that things didn’t work out with Davis but such is the cold reality of business in the NFL. The Bears were given no strong reason to keep him. So now that he’s out of the picture, somebody else will likely be slotted into his spot. Chicago currently has two running backs on the practice squad in Ryan Nall and Kerrith Whyte. Nall is a bigger back with a nice mixture of vision and strength. Whyte is known best for his legitimate speed, making him a threat every time he touches the ball. It will be interesting to see which one gets the call up.