Chicago Bears 2020 Draft: Washington State QB Anthony Gordon


The Chicago Bears 2020 draft plans got a slight boost with the likely inclusion of a compensatory pick after releasing Mike Davis this weekend. Whether this means they’ll feel more comfortable about the idea of drafting a quarterback? That’s unknown. Eight games remain in the season and Mitch Trubisky is in the process of possibly fighting for his future as the starter. That is where the team is focused at the moment.

It doesn’t feel like they will be keen on putting their hopes in a 2nd round pick next year if they do decide to draft one, but then again crazier things have happened. So could Washington State standout Anthony Gordon be on their list of options? The kid faced a tough situation having to replace the exceedingly popular Gardner Minshew. He’s done an impressive job of that, standing just six touchdown passes away from tying the latter’s school record for TD passes with 38.

So does he have similar potential to the surprise rookie sensation?

Chicago Bears 2020 draft breakdown of Anthony Gordon


  • First thing that stands out about him is his release. It’s quick and compact. Gets the ball out so fast.
  • Arm strength isn’t elite but he has enough to make most of the required throws. Can deliver with zip at all levels.
  • Accurate and ball placement both stand out regularly. Puts the ball where he wants it almost all the time.
  • Deep ball is fairly impressive. When he decides to turn it loose, it shows good arc and touch to give his receivers a chance.

This is crisp execution. Gordon keeps his eyes left to hold the safety. Once he hits his back step he turns and fires the pass on time down the field right before the pressure gets into his face. The ball is perfectly placed, hitting his man in stride for a walk-in touchdown.

  • He’s not a pure runner but he isn’t a statue either. He can move well enough to buy time both inside and out of the pocket.
  • His poise under pressure is a consistent feature. Has delivered strikes a number of times either right before or while taking a hit.
  • Field vision is above average. Tends to find the open man in some crowded areas and gets the ball to them.
  • Operates well in high-stakes situations. Had a couple of nice 4th quarter drives to take the lead in 2019.


  • Like every Wazzu QB in this era, he’s an Air Raid guy which means he works exclusively in the shotgun. So he will need work under center.
  • Will have only started one year in Division I. Started as a freshman in junior college but his experience will be a question mark.
  • While he has no fear standing in the pocket, which is good he does tend to hold the ball a little too long, which can lead to sacks.
  • Due to his nature and his arm strength, he can be aggressive throwing into tight windows which leads to interceptions.
  • Defenses that run more complex coverage schemes tend to fool him quite a bit, showcasing his lack of experience.

Pro comparison: Jimmy Garoppolo

Garoppolo was a favorite back in 2014 despite going to Eastern Illinois because of his good mix of size, accuracy, and that quick release. He maintained poise under pressure and wasn’t afraid to stand in and take the hit while delivering the ball. He did have a reputation for getting a bit greedy at times though, something that followed him to the NFL. Still, he’s become a quality quarterback in San Francisco.

Projection: 2nd round

Gordon has a lot of traits that teams will like. His size, accuracy, and poise under pressure are big ones. However, his limited experience at the top level combined with no polish as a traditional drop-back passer will hold him out of the 1st round. He looks like the ideal 2nd round type who is talented enough to start for a team but will require a year or two of work before he’s ready.