Bears Fans Hang Mitch Trubisky In Effigy Before Lions Game


Chicago Bears fans have become a dour lot lately. Not a surprise given their team is 3-5 and they’re staring down an all-too-familiar prospect that their quarterback is terrible. Something they’ve had to live with for decades. Mitch Trubisky is in the midst of a staggering regression from last year where everything he does appears to be wrong. He can’t complete easy passes, doesn’t throw it down the field, and clearly lacks the confidence to run even a simplified offense at this point.

That might explain why fans decided to kick up their voicing of displeasure. Some of them decided to literally hang a dummy with his jersey on it in effigy on a flag pole before the start of the game against the Detroit Lions. Maybe a bit tasteless but it certainly got the message across. People are tired of watching a broken quarterback play every Sunday. Cries are growing louder for him to be benched and eventually replaced.

Mitch Trubisky isn’t doing himself any favors

The fact that the first drive of the game against the Lions featured a Trubisky overthrow of Taylor Gabriel on 3rd down? Yeah that probably didn’t help sooth their ire. It’s clear head coach Matt Nagy is being put in a more and more compromised position. He’s doing everything in his power to help Trubisky get out of his funk but the kid isn’t responding. At some point, there may be no choice but to put Chase Daniel in.