Are The Bulls Finally Thinking About Firing Gar Forman?!?!?!


Pissed off at the 6-12 start by the Bulls? So is Jerry Reinsdorf and apparently he might actually do something about it.

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Bulls GM Gar Forman is on the hot seat.

Via the Chicago Sun-Times.

According to several sources, Bulls board chairman Jerry Reinsdorf is not only livid about the team’s 6-12 start and the continued sinking outside optics of the organization, but is beginning to turn his attention to the job security of general manager Gar Forman if the ship keeps taking on water.
The sources indicated that this is not a recent change of heart from Reinsdorf, but has been more of an accumulated bucket of questionable decisions. A bucket that could be near the brim.

Finally, some accountability? What??? From the Bulls? This is a nice surprise.

Cowley adds that Bulls senior advisor Doug Collins isn’t a fan of Forman and that Collins’ opinion is strongly being considered within the organization. Forman has been the GM of the Bulls since 2009.

Collins wasn’t a fan of Fred Hoiberg either and that hiring, which was pushed by Forman, has obviously influenced Collins’ opinion of Forman.

Meanwhile, John Paxson is still protected and it doesn’t sound like he’ll ever be out of a job with the Bulls. As for head coach Jim Boylen, Cowley has some bad news for fans hoping for a change there.

And what about Boylen? What Boylen has on his side is the others in the organization that agreed to extend his contract for three years. That included not only Forman, Paxson and Collins, but team president Michael Reinsdorf and Jerry, himself.
Boylen is well respected by the entire brain trust, while Forman is not.

There’s only one seat getting hot right now, and it’s Forman’s. Maybe long past due.

So, the Bulls might actually hold someone accountable and that’s Gar Forman. Jerry will always be loyal to John Paxson and the Bulls still like Jim Boylen.