Zach LaVine Is Fed Up


Zach LaVine has always been gifted when it comes to the offensive side of the ball. However his defense hasn’t quite caught up. This is one area where LaVine is not only looking to improve but perhaps reach elite caliber status:

“I’m just tired of people talking shit about my defense,” LaVine said. “I’ve always been a good on-ball defender. But there’s no reason I can be this good offensively and not be that on the defensive end.” 

“I’m taking more pride in it,” he continued. “I’m pretty sure it’ll show. I’ll make sure of that.”

To say LaVine is motivated to take that next step in his young career would be a vast understatement. He’s already off to a hot start defensively in the preseason where he’s averaging 1.3 steals per game. If Zach can indeed improve defensively all while maintaining his offensive prowess it would almost lock him as being an All- Star this year.