Venomous Scorpions, A LOT Of Dog Piss And Theo Epstein Getting Sued


Theo Epstein is getting sued because back in spring training 2015, his dog Winston allegedly pissed all over a rental home in Arizona that left a terrible odor, urine stains everywhere and $51,405 in damages.

Via the Phoenix New Times.

According to a lawsuit filed Thursday in Maricopa County Superior Court, Epstein’s pup peed prolifically in the $1 million house, staining tile and stone flooring, wood door jams, cabinets, and furniture. In addition to urine stains, the Epsteins also allegedly left the home with drywall holes, broken cabinet handles, a torn shower curtain, a ripped grill cover, and other damages.

Epstein responded through Julian Green, saying that the family discovered urine stains when they moved in during spring training in 2015. Yet, the biggest bombshell of this entire story? The home reportedly had 45 venomous scorpions living on the property and the landlords did nothing to get rid of them.

Green declined to provide the name of Epstein’s dog. But he did show Phoenix New Times a March 9, 2015, extermination report written by Ben Holland, an exterminator with the Phoenix-based Scorpion Sweepers.
Holland wrote that he found 45 Arizona bark scorpions on the property. Most of them appeared to live in five containers of wood and stone debris in the backyard, Holland wrote, adding that the scorpions in the area “lit up like a Christmas tree” when he shined a black light upon them.

Epstein and his family moved out after he discovered one of the scorpions inside the house when he bathed his infant son. They moved into a new rental home for the final two weeks of spring training.

Arizona bark scorpions are the most venomous species found in the Southwest.

Really the only bad look for Theo here is that back in 2016, after he was named the No. 1 leader in the world by Fortune, he jokingly(?) responded with this comment.

“Um, I can’t even get my dog to stop peeing in the house, “

What a wild start to the offseason for Theo.