Taylor Gabriel provided an update on his concussion issue


The Chicago Bears offense just seemed like it was starting to get on track in Washington a few weeks ago. A big reason for that was the big outburst courtesy of wide receiver Taylor Gabriel, who scored three touchdowns. Unfortunately, that performance came at a price. Gabriel suffered a concussion that knocked him out of the game and apparently was severe enough to cost him the next two against Minnesota and Oakland. It led one to wonder how bad it might be.

One hoped that an extra week off courtesy of the Bears’ bye might be enough to help him get right. However, the team has remained silent on that subject. Thankfully word finally came out and courtesy of the player himself. Gabriel broke his silence on Twitter, stating his excitement at the chance to get back on the field. He declared without any sort of veil that he would indeed be back next Sunday for the big showdown against the New Orleans Saints at Soldier Field.

Taylor Gabriel will provide a needed boost on offense

One thing is for sure. Gabriel’s return certainly won’t hurt. The Bears offense struggled to find many big plays without him. They managed just 16 points against the Vikings and 21 against the Raiders. His speed and explosiveness were sorely missed. One can hope an improvement by the offensive line and returning Mitch Trubisky will get them ready for what will be a tough game against one of the best teams in NFC. The Saints go into this Sunday at 4-1 and could be 5-1 by the time they arrive in Soldier Field.

They’re going to need more than the defense to pull off a win there. Having Gabriel on hand will be a big boost.