Remember Why You Root For Notre Dame


Occasionally as a passionate sports fan, the ball simply does not bounce your way. Often it is easy to pinpoint what went wrong and speculate an emotionally charged solution.

Beneath these emotions, it is important to remember why you root for Notre Dame in the first place.

Remembering Why You Root for Notre Dame

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, envision you are at Notre Dame, walking to your gate, somewhere between morning players mass and the house that Rocke built.

You hear the chants of the Band of the Fighting Irish as they lead the team to the house that Rockne built.


The chants continue


You see that these are just a collection of college kids – they are human. But once they put on the jersey, fans seem to forget.

As you continue on to your gate, your excitement only grows.

When you hand the Usher your ticket – they respond with a smile and say “Welcome to the University of Notre Dame.”

Home of The Fighting Irish

Tradition lives here, just miles up the road from South Bend, Indiana at the University of Notre Dame.

11 national titles have come through this town, seven Heisman Trophy winners and over 100 consensus All-Americans.

This is where they “Play like a Champion Today”

Notre Dame is not just another stop along the college football trail. There is an inexplicable feeling, shared by the millions of Irish faithful who have had the honor to attend a game, and to those who still dream of the day to be a part of game day experience at Notre Dame to see firsthand the best place on earth.

Tradition, Like No Other

 From the Grotto to the Pep-Rally, Notre Dame is rich in tradition – better than any other college football program. It brings people like you and me together. A single song unites us all, and it’s called the Victory March!

Onward to Victory

As you find your seat, perhaps you indulge by purchasing a commemorative soda, or a hot chocolate for those November games. As you pay for your concessions you notice the cashier hands you back fifty cents in the form of a half dollar.

              I still get a kick out of that.

Now making your way up the steps to your row, it is hard not to turn around and take it all in. The team emerges from the tunnel – the reflection from the helmets just as vivid in person as they are on the television.

The pre-game theatrics all build up to one final moment. Kick off.

Like a calm before a storm, music echoes over the PA system.

“And there’s a magic, in the sound of their name, here come the Irish, of Notre Dame”

The music transitions into Shipping Up to Boston, and it is time to watch some football!

A Tribute To Sheriff McCarthy

 Shortly after the 1812 Overture – Indiana State Police’s Sherriff Tim McCarthy would always make a safety announcement.

Of course, I do not have to tell you that these puns and quips certainly got crowds going.

Most importantly, the scoreboard did not dictate the crowd’s reaction – it was bigger than football.

Notre Dame, Our Mother.

So next time “when the team is up against it — and the breaks are beating the boys” just remember the reason you root for Notre Dame.