No, The White Sox Aren’t Going To Sign Marcell Ozuna To A 7-Year, $160M Deal


The White Sox desperately need an upgrade in right field for 2020 and beyond and while they should pursue Marcell Ozuna in free agency, they’re not signing him to this ludicrous deal that his people most likely leaked to the media.

Hector Gomez here to translate for you.

So, yeah, I bet Ozuna does want almost $23 million a season for the next seven years, but there’s no way he’s getting that and it especially shouldn’t come from the White Sox.

In 2017, Ozuna had a career year, 5.0 fWAR, 143 wRC+, with a .312/.376/.548 slash line. A great season with the Marlins, but since he’s been just all right, posting 2.8 and 2.6 WAR seasons with the Cardinals.

And you know, his defense isn’t good either and that was highlighted in this postseason against the Braves and Nationals. And it’s not like we’re talking about a guy who’s 32-years-old and is already starting to break down, but the signs are definitely there. He just moves around slowly and with Eloy Jimenez out in left you really need the best case scenario on offense to make a deal with Ozuna worth it. More specifically, that rumored seven-year deal that Ozuna wants.

But again, the White Sox should pursue him and every other free agent outfielder on 3-4 year contracts, but there’s no way Ozuna gets a seven-year deal from Rick Hahn.

Want to make a huge splash? Use that money for the top free agents.