Matt Forte Didn’t Even Need Words to Offer His Mitch Trubisky Take


Anybody who hasn’t watched the Chicago Bears recently has probably still heard all the takes regarding Mitch Trubisky. The former #2 overall pick, a guy who made the Pro Bowl as an alternate in 2018, looks to have completely fallen apart barely halfway into this season. He appears lost on the field and completely devoid of confidence. This has begun to seep into other players who are starting to make mistakes they didn’t last year. Some have come out and said enough is enough. Is Matt Forte among them?

The former Bears running back took some time on Instagram recently to take questions from his followers and any and all topics. Inevitably, one fan asked the big one. What are his thoughts on Trubisky? Most guys would launch into some sort of tirade by that point or merely shrug their shoulders and urge patience. Instead Forte paused and slowly reached off-camera to produce a glass of wine. He then proceeded to take a sizable gulp and didn’t say a single word.

This, more than anything, says it all.

Matt Forte is basically most Bears fans at this point

Simply losing games is bad enough. What makes this situation so much worse is the Bears poured so many resources into making Trubisky a success. They spent four draft picks including a top 2 selection to make him their franchise guy. They invested tens of millions of dollars in fortifying his offensive line, signing a superstar wide receiver (Allen Robinson), and constructing a coaching staff littered with tons of quarterback know-how.

For him to still bomb this badly through all that? It does indeed drive a man to drink, merely showcasing the Bears’ ongoing inability to find an effective quarterback.