Mark Prior, Yes That Mark Prior, Will Be The Dodgers New Pitching Coach


After losing in the NLDS the Dodgers are making a coaching change, but it’s not going to be Dave Roberts getting the boot from the dugout. Instead, former Cubs pitcher Mark Prior will become the new Dodgers pitching coach, as Rick Honeycutt is being moved to a special assistant position in the organization.

Honeycutt was LA’s pitching coach for the past 14 seasons.

Prior, who last tried a comeback to the majors in 2013, worked as the Padres’ minor league pitching coordinator for three seasons before the Dodgers hired him as their bullpen coach to begin 2018.

So, Prior will be the Dodgers pitching coach in 2020, and who knows, maybe Dusty Baker is back in the dugout next season too with the Phillies?