Jerry Reinsdorf’s Best Advice To An MLB President Will Make White Sox Fans Hate Him Even More


You ever get the feeling that the White Sox, when they’re trying to win, do just enough to get fans interested but in reality they’ve never taken that next step to become a legitimate threat. Yeah, they won the 2005 World Series and have had a few division titles in the past two decades, but there’s never been a sense of actually going all in and become clear, out right favorites.

Even last offseason the White Sox were at the center of the baseball world, in on Manny Machado since day one. Yet, at the end they offered him less money and they finished second behind the Padres in the Machado sweepstakes.

Apparently that’s Jerry Reinsdorf’s best advice, finishing second and giving fans hope while never actually wanting to fully commit to building a championship team.

You can believe this or not, but a few weeks ago former Marlins president David Samson shared some disturbing advice that White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf once gave him.


Here’s the link to the episode.