Former White Sox Pitcher Jack McDowell Throws Jerry Reinsdorf Under The Bus


First of all, Jerry Reinsdorf played the whole, “I don’t remember saying that,” defense when confronted about telling ex-Marlins president David Samson to strive for second place to keep fans interested. Samson told that story on the Dan Le Batard Show in September and it blow up this weekend, obviously pissing off White Sox fans.

This was Jerry’s response.

So, Jerry doesn’t remember saying it, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t. He didn’t actually deny it, which is pretty damn telling.

Anyway, of course people who work for the White Sox are going to defend Jerry, like Steve Stone.

Boom! A knockout shot by Stone to completely discredit Samson and really before that clip went viral who in Chicago knew anything about him? Is he credible? Who knows, but then former White Sox pitcher Jack McDowell threw more gasoline on the dying fire.

It turns out that Jerry really likes his “second place to keep fans interested” advice because McDowell said Jerry told him the same thing that Jerry told Samson.

We’ll be waiting for Stone’s response as to why Jack McDowell is also lying about Jerry Reinsdorf.

But just like last offseason, the White Sox can end this reputation by you know, actually signing star free agents. Or they’ll just continue to dangle that carrot for fans.