3. Baby Boomer Head Coach Vs Xennial Head Coach

Jon Gruden is old school. Matt Nagy is from the new. One is a 55-year-old fringe “Baby Boomer,” while the other is from the “Xennial” microgeneration (born from roughly 1977-1983, for those new to the term). One more than likely played electric football when he was a kid while the other most definitely rocked out on Tecmo Bowl. Both are football savants and know the game. Both have high gridiron IQ and both are terrific leaders.

If Gruden was still working on Monday Night Football, he’d be lauding Nagy with great enthusiasm. In a different world, Nagy could’ve easily worked for Gruden as he cut his teeth in professional football, instead working under Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid. The two will match wits Sunday in a game that could give the Raider Nation a huge boost of confidence, or could continue the Bears strong push for an NFC title.

The two of these coaches on the same field should make for some intriguing games of chess, no matter the personnel. Old School vs New School. Former Young Hotshot Coach vs Current Young Hotshot Coach. Something’s gotta give in London.