Draft Insider Matt Miller Has the Perfect QB Fit for the Chicago Bears


The 2020 draft is still several months away but the Chicago Bears are already forced to look in that direction. Their season is teetering at 3-3 with the division pulling away and their wild card hopes fading. Nobody has faith they can turn things around because the defense is banged up and they’re getting nothing of value from the quarterback position. Mitch Trubisky looks lost and Chase Daniel simply doesn’t have the physical tools to be anything more than an emergency option.

It’s becoming clear the team may have to make a change. Will they do it at the trade deadline? Not likely. They don’t have the assets to spare for what could end up being a temporary option. The goal remains to find a long-term quarterback they can build around. Thus eyes are focused on the draft. There’s just one problem. The Bears don’t have a 1st round pick, having surrendered it in the trade for Khalil Mack last year.

They have two 2nd round choices to work with.

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report, their primary draft expert, isn’t concerned about that. He believes there is a great fit for the Bears that should be available when their time comes to pick.

“Hurts isn’t your traditional quarterback prospect, which is what the Bears need after going the ultra-traditional route with Trubisky. Hurts—a fiery leader and electric dual-threat—is the anti-Trubisky in many ways. He has his warts as a one-year wonder in the passing game, but going back to his starts at Alabama, he’s always been able to take over games with his football IQ and athleticism.

If teams believe his passing mechanics and decisions have improved under Riley, the Bears might have to package both second-rounders in order to acquire him; but right now, Hurts looks like the best realistic option for the Bears to cure their quarterback troubles.”

Chicago Bears would like a lot about Jalen Hurts

I actually did a scouting report recently on Hurts. He’s an impressive young man. Teammates and coaches love him. He’s got a sturdy, strong body and can move like a running back. His arm strength is fairly C+ grade but he delivers the ball accurately, shows poise from the pocket, doesn’t react to pressure, and makes good decisions with the ball. His working under Riley at Oklahoma is a gigantic boon for his career. The man is proving to be a quarterback savant with his last two guys, Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, becoming #1 overall picks.

People who watch him will likely get visions of Dak Prescott, who is carving out a nice career thus far with the Dallas Cowboys. That might not be the “elite” talent the fans were hoping for, but who wouldn’t settle for a Prescott at this point? Hurts has enough of the qualities to be a solid NFL starter. That would be a step up from where the Bears are now.