Chicago Bears 2020 Draft: Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts


If people weren’t ready to commit to the Chicago Bears 2020 draft plans including a quarterback before, they most certainly are now. Mitch Trubisky turned in one of the most disheartening performances of his career against the New Orleans Saints. Don’t be fooled by the 250 yards and two touchdowns. Most of that came late in the 4th quarter when the Bears were down 36-10 and the Saints had gone to a prevent defense to salt away the clock.

Trubisky seemed to be more lost than ever. Defenses have adapted to him. They know if they take away his chances to run and keep him in the pocket, he doesn’t have the field vision or willingness to attack down the field to beat them. This has proven true all year long and it doesn’t seem like it will get better. Chicago has to start thinking about alternatives in 2020. Do any exist outside the 1st round? That will depend on who’s available.

Could Jalen Hurts of Oklahoma be one such option?


  • A solid athlete who not only can genuinely run with the ball but is built in the lower body like a running back. Strong.
  • Accuracy is consistent at the short and intermediate levels. Puts the ball where he’s aiming it most of the time.
  • Though a runner, he doesn’t look to scramble too fast. Stands tall in the pocket and is looking to deliver.
  • Shows a steady calm under pressure. Not prone to panicking or hearing footsteps. Doesn’t rush his throws.

This play illustrates what teams will want to see. Hurts gets the snap and the pressure starts to set in. He doesn’t panic and isn’t looking to run either even though it’s 3rd and 1. He stays in the pocket, finds his man and delivers a perfect ball to a receiver between the cornerback and safety for a big play to set up 1st and goal.

  • Good decision-maker. Makes sure to protect the football (just 6 INTs in the past 479 passes).
  • Willing to survey the field. Not a guy who just locks onto his first read. Will stand in and go through progressions.
  • Shows the field vision to see where the open man is or will be. Isn’t the type to see ghosts out there.
  • By all accounts a high character guy. Coaches and teammates love him. Superb leader.


  • Arm strength will be a persistent issue. He just doesn’t have that heater a lot of pro QBs possess.
  • Deep ball isn’t really a facet of his game that appears much. Not the best in terms of accuracy down the field.
  • Throwing motion is a bit wonky. Has a slight windup before coming over the top. Could make him vulnerable to strip-sacks.
  • One area that he could use work is his footwork. Though he’ll stand in the pocket, he often does so with his feet planted. This can lead to off-balance throws.
Pro Comparison: Dak Prescott

The similarities are way to easy. Same height. Same build. Also they have similar arms in terms of overall strength and both were known for their ability to run. Prescott earned high marks for his mental fortitude and leadership as well. Nobody would call him an elite quarterback, but it’s become obvious in Dallas that he is definitely a top 15 guy.

Projection: 2nd round

From polish to athleticism and intangibles? Hurts has the goods. There is no doubt about it. He plays the position the right way, not leaning on his ability to run and instead trying to process the game as a passer. The only reason he won’t be a 1st round pick is because of his arm. It’s just not the highest quality. Now some team may not care about that and draft him that high anyway but history says he likely has to wait until the second day.