Chicago Bears 2020 Draft: Colorado quarterback Steven Montez


The Chicago Bears 2020 draft outlook is starting to become one that seems offensively focused. No surprise given how things have played out so far this season. The big question will be which positions they decide to focus on with those two 2nd round picks they hold. The offensive line and tight ends would certainly seem like the obvious choices, but people know they can’t afford to discount quarterback. Chase Daniel will be a free agent and Mitch Trubisky hasn’t proven he is the long-term guy yet.

They may look to bring in another option. One who can offer insurance or even outright competition for him. Thus the search will undoubtedly be thorough. One of the names they’re bound to cover is Steven Montez. Colorado isn’t considered a hotbed for NFL talent but their quarterback legacy is actually pretty decent with Kordell Stewart becoming a Pro Bowler and Koy Detmer playing eight years as a backup.

Montez is better than both of them and it’s not even close.


  • Arm doesn’t lack strength. When he gets it out, the ball showcases a good deal of velocity.
  • Release is quick. When he finds the target he wants, the ball comes out fast.
  • Accuracy and ball placement both show up consistently. He typically gets it in the right spot for his receivers.
  • Deep ball is impressive. Can drop it into the bucket for his receiver despite tight coverage from defensive backs.

These are the kinds of throws that NFL teams circle multiple times. It checks every conceivable box. It’s on the road. His team is trailing. There is just 1:14 left in the game. They’re playing with an unreliable kicker. Unflinching, he hits his back step and throws a gorgeous deep ball over two defenders right into the bucket to his receiver for a game-winning touchdown. Not a lot of quarterbacks can make that throw in that situation.

  • Field vision is strong. Tends to find the open throwing lanes whether it’s on a dropback or a rollout.
  • Decisive and smart with his decisions. Throws the ball away if nothing is there and gets down when scrambling if he senses a hit coming
  • Displays a gutty mentality. Always aggressive even when trailing and facing a tough environment. Has clutch qualities.


  • Has a tendency to drop his eyes when under frequent pressure, leading to many unnecessary sacks being taken.
  • While his delivery is quick, it’s also a bit awkward. Has a bit of an extension on the windup, which can open him up to strip-sacks.
  • Like many young quarterbacks, he’s not consistent at progressing through reads. If his first option isn’t there, he tends to tuck and run.
  • Not always comfortable standing in the pocket. Doesn’t display the footwork to slide away from the rush. Prefers to look for a running lane instead.
  • Throwing mechanics are undisciplined at times. Has too many instances where he’s unnecessarily passing off his back foot.
Pro comparison: Colin Kaepernick

Don’t be scared away by the name because of his controversial decisions. This is purely from a physical point of view. Kaepernick had size and speed for a quarterback with an arm that could deliver the ball with serious velocity. He also had a bit of a weird delivery. When he was on his game, he could play against some of the best in the NFL and came painfully close to winning the Super Bowl. Played really well in big games.

Projection: Top 50

From a pure talent perspective, Montez has the goods. Teams that look for size, athleticism, and a good arm won’t be disappointed. His ability to perform in tense situations will also be a major plus. However, he’s still a work-in-progress as a more advanced passer. One would like his production to be higher given some of the weaker opponents he faces but all the tools are there for him to be a starter in the NFL and a pretty good one too.