Calls growing louder for Chicago Bears to sign Colin Kaepernick


The Chicago Bears quarterback situation is where it’s almost always been. In a state of flux. What makes it really tough to swallow at present is the fact they have another great defense on their hands. One that is right up there with the 2005, 2001, mid-1980s units in terms of talent and productivity. The problem is the offense isn’t pulling its weight and the quarterbacks stand at the center of it. Mitch Trubisky? Chase Daniel? Neither has looked even adequate, let alone equal to their task.

This has steered many people towards looking for outside options. This time of year it’s almost impossible to find a halfway decent quarterback on the street. That usually means a team would have to seek a trade if they really wanted somebody worthwhile. However, this time is a bit unique in that there is a notable name still available. Unfortunately, it’s one that has a litany of red flags attached to his to it.

That is Colin Kaepernick.

The former San Francisco 49ers standout who guided that team to a Super Bowl in 2012 has been unemployed now since the end of the 2016 season. While teams have insisted this is purely for football-related issues, anybody with common sense knows it is more about his kneeling for the national anthem out of protest against police brutality against minorities. This created a media firestorm that the NFL had a hard time dealing with. Divisions became rife between players across the league.

As a consequence, Kaepernick awaits an opportunity at 31-years old.

Chicago Bears apparently were contacted about Kaepernick

Recently Kaepernick’s legal representatives released a series of statements in order to clear up “false narratives” regarding their client. Most interesting among what was mentioned is that they contacted all 32 teams about the possibility of signing the quarterback. They have heard next to nothing in return. This means the Bears received such a call and declined. Then again they likely received the call when plans were in motion to draft somebody in 2017 so they weren’t interested for football reasons.

Hub Arkush of Pro Football Weekly though is among the growing masses who believe the team can’t keep ignoring a chance to bring in someone of that talent and experience.

The only veteran QB signing available to the Bears right now that would be a clear upgrade over where they’re at is Colin Kaepernick — and it appears they’re not willing to make the move.

Whether that’s for football reasons or they just don’t have the stones for it, I don’t know…

…However, Kaepernick is also clearly light years better than any backup quarterback in the league right now — with the possible exception, I suppose, of Teddy Bridgewater, although I do need to see more there — so the fact that he doesn’t currently have a job in the league is one of the great injustices in all of sports…

…As to a potential fit with the Bears, is there a single fan out there who doesn’t agree he’s better than Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray?

I am nowhere near ready to give up on Mitch Trubisky yet! I can’t say that strongly enough.

But I also see no reason he and Kaepernick couldn’t co-exist, compliment each other and make the team overall that much stronger.

Is he right?

A lot of people continue to argue that Kaepernick was never that good of a player. The numbers tell a different story though. In 66 games between 2012 and 2016, the quarterback threw for 12,236 yards with 72 touchdown passes and 30 interceptions. He also ran for an additional 2,302 yards and 13 touchdowns. That’s pretty good production for a guy who was “never that good.” The fact he played in a West Coast-style offense under Jim Harbaugh, one that has many similarities to Matt Nagy’s system?

That only enhances the argument. Truth be told this idea is unlikely. Chicago remains committed to Trubisky as their starter and aren’t about to muddy the waters or endure the inevitable media blitz that would come with signing Kaepernick.